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Indonesian laugh on chat platform. Instead using hahaha, they use wkwkwk.
Very often encountered on toxic community of Dota SEA server.
Indogamer has scored triple kill

Pinoy : Putang Ina Bobo
Indogamer : wkwkwk
by Indogamers November 14, 2016
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A term moronic arabs use to express laughter or joy. Thought to be part of the base language in the newly popular Sesame Street Mafia, this term is not to be confused with the usual arabic babble that looks like a cat walked across the keyboard.

Sponsored by the Sesame Street Mafia and the letter "F".
F is for Fuckoff&goback2thedesert.
The Dude- "Man, everytime I play poker with you I feel like I'm playing Bingo instead."
Arab- "wkwkwk"
The Dude- *blank stare*
by Bitchcake13 January 07, 2010
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Wkwkwk. Wkwkwk is a dumb laugh. Not many people use it. wkwkwk
Man 1: omg dude!!
Man 2: ye?
Man 1: i got a scar (gun).
Man 2: and?
Man 1: wkwkwk
by smart people only September 13, 2018
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