Excessive screen time. Done with looking at all of it. Caused by quarantine and the inability to handle three dimensional life.
Karen is so tech tapped, she's lookin' to get fired.
by mimbers August 13, 2020
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Mysterious bear, similar to a black bear, that sneaks up on unsuspecting children and taps their shoulder before quickly disappearing. Rumor has it that if there is nowhere for them to hide, they can vanish into thin air.
by Trizzlegrizzle April 25, 2021
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The art of the terry tap in is used by sweaters on fifa. It starts with a one on one goal chance which draws the keeper out of goal. Next the player passes to a team mate running beside him giving him a free shot on goal. The goal is scored which completes it.
This kid is shit at FIFA! Scoring terry tap ins is for fags and sweaty freaks
by Goblinswansea January 07, 2014
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As soon as you see a Tesla vehicle, gently tap your partner and shout Tesla tap. It's a kinder, gentler version of Slug bug. If you Tesla tap, and it's not really a Tesla, your partner can Tesla smack you back.
When Hana and I were driving down the road and saw an on-coming Tesla model 3, she Tesla tapped me.
by eeveeniks December 17, 2018
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