The that dirty bitch
Mate did you get owt that's night? Yea man for real, bit of slap 'n' tap
by MDMA DEALER November 20, 2014
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Where you have very loose stool that manifests itself in a similar consistency to a slushy/slush puppy.
I had a curry last night and now I've turned on the 'slushy tap'.
by Jammy1882 December 07, 2020
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A light tap to the back of the head-with momentum. A too low leap frog.
Oh, he wanted to leap frognme but dick tapped me instead.
by Honeywine December 10, 2016
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Another word used for a nose. Usually used when someone has a runny nose or is sick
Hey Dave, the old snot tap's running again
by Snoty August 24, 2017
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To strike a man in his testicular region with very little force, but just enough for him to experience a delayed reaction and then spend the next minute or so in unrelenting agony.
Oh shit! My phone fell out of my hand and gave me a soft tap. I need a minute.
by Gavelpounder October 22, 2020
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A sexual pleasure only endused by the touching to ones clitoris by ones fingertips
Bro, I totally gave her the sonic tap
by Sexual Pleasure January 17, 2015
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