Describes about your amazing headshot in one single bullet makes other players even yourself shocked
It's usually used in FPS games, especially CS:GO
*Does an one tap* " OMG! You're amazing dude!
Inhuman reaction!!
by EveryWordYouSay September 09, 2018
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kata one shot one kill di valorant. (biasanya yang ngomong wibu tolol)
no one :

alfaro : oNe TaP OnE tAP hiHhihIHI!!!11!11
by Nesta Chan October 28, 2020
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(AKA: STS) A type of condition associated with the people that have the biggest crackhead energy. They can just tap out of reality and act like an idiot and tap back in
‘Why is your mate acting like that?’
‘He’s got Severe Tapped Syndrome
by Itsezekiela July 08, 2020
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Harvey: Hey John, take the wife anywhere nice recently?

John: As a matter of fact yes, right up her shit tap.

Harvey: Respect.
by amscray September 11, 2011
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When a lady’s partner is performing cunnilingus & they are terrible & have no flippin clue what they are doing, she will give them a tap on the shoulder, letting them know they can just give up. The Shoulder Tap means there is no chance in hell she was going to cum & she’s bored & likely irritated. She will likely never call them again.
Kelly: How was your night with Ruben? How was that tongue down there?
Jill: Horrible. He had no damn idea what he was doing, so I gave him the shoulder tap so he’d just fuckin quit already.
by Clean AsA Whistle June 19, 2021
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Walking by a man and quickly and smoothly tapping them on the tip of their penis using the back of your fingers. A quick backhand tap to the penis using a flick of the wrist.
I walked by John and gave him a good ole tip tap!
by BigDaddyC6969 December 02, 2020
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