an exclamation of something being lame; not cool
word comes from house league players tapping their stick on the ice when they are calling for the ring... tap!
-adjective - your Backstreet Boys shirt is so tap!
-verb - you just farted, and it stinks - could you tap any worse?
-noun - you missed the open goal shot? You are such a Tapper!
by THBIAOP March 29, 2004
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(archaic) Terran Amateur Press -- a self published science fiction fanzine, often associated with sci-fi conventions or an early CBBS (computer bulletin board systems). TAPA = Terran Amateur Press Association, TAPS = Terran Amateur Press Society
Joe had a great TAP written from the point of view of an alien from alpha centari.
by diverse dancer November 12, 2009
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The best type of dancing in the world in which the dancer wears shoes that make little sounds every time they tougch the ground. Different types of movement allow for different types of sounds.
I performed in the tap jam last may...
by Barbie0822 July 25, 2005
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To take a small portion of something being consumed by someone else. Usually used with cigarettes.
by the mf beel December 27, 2005
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The device or the act of listening in on electronic conversation, form of surveillence conducted by law enforcement.
"..what you in for kid
Busting nuts, taps heard of million street stories caught inside this trap."
Up North Trip, Mobb Deep
by P$ January 08, 2005
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Julien you better tap Sam Moore or where all gonna fuckin kill you cus you have her in the palm of your hands.
by mack like tha eighties September 05, 2004
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Football shirts as worn in Scotland
Hello mother, have you washed any of my Rangers taps. I have no money and need to go to Archibalds for a tap.
by Jock fae Fife May 19, 2006
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