(Psych) Thick As Pig Shit.
Condition where a child appeared to be completely un-educatable, slow, moronic and lazy, frequently getting into trouble for which (in former times) the only solution was repeated savage arse smacking and caning. These punishments are now known to bring temporary relief from the underlying cause of TAPS, i.e. Anal Distraction Disorder (see ADD). The term is now obsolete, being the former psychological term for the condition now recognised as ADD.
Strueth! that Sheila was so TAPS, just could not take a hint, I had to dump her by faking my own death.
by Effluent Mills August 28, 2008
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Football shirts as worn in Scotland
Hello mother, have you washed any of my Rangers taps. I have no money and need to go to Archibalds for a tap.
by Jock fae Fife May 19, 2006
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(v) To shoot someone usually at point blank range

(n) The shot at point blank range.
We had to tap that mofo 3 times before his legs would stop twitching! Damn, what kind of bullets are these?

Looks like the killer was in the back seat waiting for the victim to get in. The victim took a double tap to the head before he could even start the ignition.
by inane5 February 25, 2005
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tits, ass, pussy another way to say a girl is hot
guy #1 damn bro, check out that girl ,shes tap

guy #2 ya your right oh my god shes really fine.
by james john smks June 11, 2008
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A word wiger's use to ask a friend if they have had sex with their girl friend. Or to brag about sleeping with a "chick"!
1. Have you tapped you gf yet?
2. I tapped her last night!
by Uber Cool Definitions July 19, 2006
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To see a girl you are attracted to and fuck her sexy ass brains out.
Charlie: Damn! Monica's lookin sexy. I would tap

Me. Yea and so is your mom. I'd tap that shit too.
by The Janator October 17, 2010
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