1) A free treatment for depression.

2) A free teeth-whitening treatment.

3) Something amazing people do.

4) Lying in the ♥SUN♥
1) Tanning puts people in a better mood...for free!

2) Tanning will make your teeth look whiter. It will make your skin look darker, which will cause your teeth to look whiter in comparison.

3) "Oh look at that girl--she's tanning!"
"I know, isn't she amazing?"

4) Orion: "Hey what're you up to?"
Me: "Lying in the sun, tanning. I'm gonna die of skin cancer."
Orion: "Yes you are...I fucking hate the sun."
by Live.Love.Learn July 31, 2009
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im going to give you a tanning for fucking my mum!!!
by aly March 30, 2005
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When you receive so much anal sex, that your whole ass gains a complexion of a beautiful tan. But this is not from the sun, but rather a mix of shit, blood, cum and lube. This is usually applied to gay men, and is complimentary.
Damn white boy, your ass got a tanning tonight!
by McShoogs November 21, 2016
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