The modern day given name for a female, which stems from the name of the Phoenician lunar goddess, 'Tanit', who was worshiped as the patron goddess at Carthage, and is recognized as both a heavenly goddess of war and virginal mother goddess of love. Characteristically a girl prone to intense emotions, intellectual curiosity, a stubborn temperament, but also a tender heart. A Tanith is often kinder and more forgiving of others than she is to herself, and likewise both gives and expects too much of herself and others.
"You forgave him after that?! Wow, what a Tanith thing to do."

"I tried to get her to stop beating herself up about her mistake, but she was much too Tanith to listen."
by xy&...z February 3, 2010
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A total badass lesbian girl who loves anime.
Wow, Tanith is so cool. I kinds like her...
I don't think she's into ya bud. She likes girls.
by xTanfx June 16, 2019
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Beautiful thick girl with a gorgeous voice and bold eyes. Divious attitude but caring and has a big heart. Sex god and magnificent skills. Shes stubborn. She's mysterious and secretive. Every man would die for her.
"Have you seen that new girl?"

"Yeah her name is Tanith. Her tits are huge and she's got some curves"
"Yeah i know. Tanith is a cute Name. She's so sneaky. I wonder what she does outside of school"

"All the guys stare at her."
by Tantan December 3, 2016
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A beautiful mongolian/martian women who has stolen my heart with her awesomely weird yet super attractive qualitys. Often found on the end of my penis, this species is very rare and priceless.
Omg, Tanith! You are so beautiful, funny and smart! I wanna twerk it with u all day, every day.
by MynamesLee July 22, 2014
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A wierdo who stares at things for hours at a time without moving.When she (always she) is interupted she looks at you as if you were a piece of wood.She may have obsessions from time to time.
'Hey look at that girl over there she keeps looking at me like i'm a peice of wood and staring!'
'She's such a Tanith'
by qwertyasdfgh June 10, 2008
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A Goa'uld played by Peter Wingfield in the Sci-fi series Stargate SG-1.

Tanith was a young and treacherous Goa'uld

Tanith murdered Teal'c's lover and infiltrated the Tok'ra as a spy. What Tanith did not know was that the Tok'ra were aware of his duplicity, and used him to funnel false information to the Goa'uld.

While still incubating within the Jaffa priestess Shau'nac, Tanith communicated with her and convinced her that he wished to turn against his Goa'uld heritage and join the Tok'ra. But after coming to maturity and taking a volunteer named Hebron (whose people were decimated by the Goa'uld) as his host, Tanith killed her.

He lived among the Tok'ra as a spy for Apophis, and entered the service of Anubis after escaping a Tok'ra prison cell (and a death sentence). Tanith was soft-spoken and self-controlled, and took great pleasure in cooly taunting his enemies -- especially Teal'c, who he associated with Shau'nac as a traitor to the Goa'uld. But eventually, Teal'c realized his long goal of revenge: he is presumed dead after Teal'c shot down an Al'kesh that Tanith was piloting (with a direct hit to the cockpit). It had been less than two years since he took his first host.
Tanith: I must say, Colonel, I was most intrigued by the means of your arrival.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Yeah, it's a sweet ride. Little rusty, but it's got a lotta zip.
Tanith: How, exactly, did a Gou'ald mothership come into your possession?
Colonel Jack O'Neill: It was kind of a trade deal.
Tanith: How so?
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Cronus gave us his ship and he... got what was coming to him.
by Tanith0709 June 15, 2010
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The absolute embodiment of love and light. Whoever has this name will be referred to as an angel sent from the heavens by anyone who knows them and possesses a beauty like no other not even a classical painting from the renaissance could fathom their presence.
There goes Tanith dancing on those tables again!
by Crispi11996 November 23, 2021
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