Turnup time; Twerk Team twerking; Grab the stripper pole
Twerk Chick #1: I have a stripper pole!
Twerk Chick #2: You know what that means!
Twerk Chick #3: Let's get ready to...
All 3 Twerk Chicks: Twerk It!!!
by Frocoochie Q. Lottaweave June 6, 2014
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A mating ritual performed by primates in which the female repeatedly shakes its ass up and down in order to attract a mate.
Up next on Animal Planet, we will go deep into the jungles of Congo to observe the strange mating ritual, "twerking".
by Sheldon J. Plankton August 8, 2014
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A sexy dance invented by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 made to party after writing the Declaration of Independence.
Person 1: "Happy birthday! Let's Party Like it's 1776!"
Person 2: "Alright, let's twerk it out!"
by Real Thomas Jefferson March 11, 2019
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A dance that requires you to shake your booty up and down. A common dance by girls.

Twerking has existed since the 90's. It was made by the Jamaicans during voodoo ceremonies. Last year, Twerking was popularized again by Miley Cyrus. Everyone claims that Miley invented Twerking when in reality, she really didn't. Ever since Miley has been Twerking, white girls from all ages with no ass have been trying to "twerk" like her and fail every time.

Black girl: *sighs*
by Dominqueee👌 December 28, 2014
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Twerking is something that Miley Cyrus should never ever do.
Person 1-Did you see the video of Miley twerking?
Person 2- Unfortunately, yes.
by Mileys-Small-Ass September 1, 2013
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When someone bends over - arches their butt - and wiggles it - usually done to trap, techno, or rap music. This dance has exploded in popularity partially because of celebrities, it is now a global phenomenon.
John: "Dude do you like watch twerking videos on youtube and stuff?"
Keith: No John, I act like a civil human being and use newtwerk.net instead!"
by generalweed420 June 29, 2016
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What Miley Cyrus cant do.
Damn look at Miley Cyrus ass its flatter then my sidewalk! Smh she cant twerk where my black girls at!
by Jeice123 October 1, 2013
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