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Tangerine is a word to describe a Character by the name of Shoyo Hinata from the anime Haikyuu and was given the name by his partner and fellow rival Tobio Kageyama
by Cari5698 August 7, 2020
The love of my life, when I first saw kazuha my life changed. Before I was sad and lonely but when I first heard him talk all my worries went away. I listen to kazuha’s voice every night on repeat to help me sleep as well as re-enacting scenes from the game that he was in to feel his essence 😤! I’ve drawn him so many times every line could fill the ocean and my love for him is bursting with so much energy that the wind knows my name. For anyone going through a rough time seek kazuha today.
Person 1: is there anything to cure my depression?

Person 2: kazuha 🤩
by Cari5698 November 13, 2022