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A anime character from the anime haikyuu one of the main characters he is often shiped with kageyama he is known for being short some people call him the tiny giant he has lots of energy and puffy red hair he is adorable He is also known for his quick attack with character kageyama
Hinata:hayy. Everybody else: it’s 2am go to bed
by Ghoust August 19, 2020
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Hinata is a charater from a great show called naruto she is in love with naruto but is to shy and she is really teh rockzor when she fight so there....
Hinata says- naruto-kun
by Naruto #1 fan October 17, 2004
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Hinata means Bright and sunny place.
Hinata is also another charecter from Naruto and anime that is commonly watched in the united states and other parts of the world.
Hinata in the anime has the biggest crush on Naruto. Naruto is too dence to see it, that baka. Usualy she gains encouragement form him but at some points of time Hinata is the one encouraging him. she believe's naruto will follow through with his dreams to become the best hokage he can be and never give up.
At the chunnin exames Hinata gave encoragement to the main charecter before his big fight against her cousin Neji Hyuga.
Hinata described him as a 'Proud Failer'
by HinatakiksAzz November 24, 2007
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A side character from the popular manga and anime Naruto who SUDDENLY HAS RELEVANCE IN NARUTO'S LIFE.
"Hinata Hyugaa is a side character, not the main heroine."
by newromantics December 20, 2014
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Hyuuga Hinta, the future 1st lady of Konoha
ive read the manga and Naruto will become Hokage and Sasuke will die, Sakura and Lee will be Lovers(eww) *Spoiler Alert!*

Hinata is super CUTE! darn that Naruto is lucky T.T
by tidus8y2j May 02, 2006
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