A convention hosted by YouTube star Tana Mongeau that was organized to compete with vidcon. The 2 day event was so poorly organized it got shut down within hours.
“ I waited in line for tanacon for 5 hours without food or water just so the event could be shut down before I could get in.”
by shishtarsnake June 25, 2018
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Something that went downhill real fast or turned out to be a huge disappointment.
by TheRainbowRuler June 29, 2018
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Shit, tanaCON was such a flop, I lost 80 damn dollars
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A convention were you meet the official hoe, Tana mongeau.

The bags are double the price of the TICKETS! Fuck Tanacon!

I had to wait, 5 hours, no sunscreen or water. Shitty Tanacon
by Skinny Legend Homebase June 26, 2018
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An incredibly terrible event hosted by Tana mongoose. also can be used as a term to describe someone that does something impulsively with no thought put into it.
person 1: why is tyler on the roof with a helmet?
person 2: he gonna see if he can survive the fall.
person 1: wow, what a tanacon move.
by how2getfatfast July 15, 2018
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Tana mongooseseseee failed attempt to make a vid con version of herself shane dawson and david neistat it was a such a failure a eomen even passed out and had to be rushed to emergency only 1000 people could be housed and 4000 people came according to officer sourcues overall just terrible
Dude you hear about tanacon?
Fucking diaster
by SushiTrash July 7, 2018
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