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Tana Mongeau is a girl who got fucked with a toothbrush.
He fucked me, with a toothbrush!!!! He fucked me, with a toothbrush!!!!!!!!! A toothbrush!! Quote by Tana Mongeau
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by Aaron’s jokes March 20, 2018
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A term used to completely ruin an event
Guy 1: Hey man I’m having a party tonight
Guy2: Dont invite Jim, he’ll Tana Mongeau the whole thing
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by HotdogHamburgerGuy July 06, 2018
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a female Youtuber that has so much crackhead, Aries, psycho ass energy that enjoys to rant on the internet and make story times. Honestly just peep her Wikipedia (she has one lmao).
person 1: stop acting so tana mongeau
person2: mmmm howabout no
by sksksks boi June 20, 2019
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A female YouTuber from Las Vegas, Nevada. Who has recently been in the spotlight, after IDubbz exposed her for her racist comments. Her channel consists of rants and videos involving stories that are either filled with holes or are completely exaggerated.
Tana Mongeau is the cancer of youtube vlogs.
by funny ace February 07, 2017
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A "Story Time" YouTuber that uploads stories and changes them a bit to make them more interesting. Here are three things you might know her best because of:
1 Exaggerating Her Stories
3 Calling out iDubbbzTV for saying Nigger, even though the way she used it in the past was worse + she never made an apology and instead an excuse
Tana Mongeau is a great youtuber
Tana Mongeau is a hypocrite
iDubbbz Fan - Did you know that Tana Mongeau called out iDubbbz for saying the n-word (Nigger/Nigga?
Tana Hater - Yeah, even though she used it in a racist way. Where as iDubbbz used it in a Comedic way.
by Adicted2Mc September 24, 2017
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A very religious youtuber that makes great godly story times even though god would disagree with all of them! A very faithful Christian that “ doesn’t “ smoke weed!!! Has Never induced alcoholic beverages under the age of 21 even if she’s 19. Is a psychic yet her manager Jordan thinks it’s all a coincidence .. I think THE FONTE NOT !!!!!! A huge influencer towards everyone 14 and younger!! Most of the younger viewers would age at 9 years of live. She even has a stalker bc they want to be as Christian as she is! Her new song Hefner ( stream it on Spotify, iTunes, and her YouTube channel @tanamongeau ) is all about how god gave her all of these beautiful women in her life for example BELLA NASTY THORNE 🤮
church camp should be more like Tana mongeau

mother Teresa is shook!!
by Snyder’s good girl December 27, 2017
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