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Tamsin's are generally people with a quiet heart but a crazy imagination. Generally very pretty although they deny it.
They generally have curly hair, blue eyes and cute button lips.
They generally seek a quiet life and tries to avoid crowds as they think so different to people.
They can also be extremely creative people that are very passionate with their interests.
Their names means free spirit and Twin.
These are the people you can trust your life with and are these are the people that rarely come along.
by Johnnylowner October 22, 2012
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commonly a female name "tamsin" has origins in the scottish word meaning "free spirit " and the armaic word meaning "twin". people with this name may have the traits of being : smart ,captivating, bold and unafraid to stand up for themselves . people with this name can also be quite dramatic and manage to captivate everyone and everyone without being over the top or showing off.

most would agree that anyone in a relationship with , or befriended to such a person may indeed may be one of the luckiest people in the area for quite some distance

people with the name will most often be incredibly beautiful and have gorgeous eyes , hair , smile etc even though they will more often than not deny this

tamsins will be reliable and trustworthy, and also a joy to be around but will occasionally take some time to be coaxed into doing something or agreeing to something
"man, i really need someone cool , and smart , and beautiful to be my girlfriend , sommeone i can rely on all the time and someone who i know will always make my day whenever i see them , help? "

" dude , thats easy , go and talk to tamsin , she has to be THE single most amazing girl in the place , you cant go wrong "

"thanks man"

* talks to tamsin etc*
by notreadyyeti December 09, 2010
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little bollinke, mampara, best thing in the world, is too good for the crappy guys in our school, is adorable
tamsin: wena, angie
by vscothot August 31, 2019
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A nice, friendly person.
Someone you would trust with your life
The name is the Female version of Thomas
and also means twin.
Overall a really good friend to trust in a time of need.
person#1: "Where's Tamsin? I need to talk to her"
person#2: "You mean the reliable girl over there?"
person#1: "Yeah! Thanks"
Tamsin: "Hey, are you okay?"
person#1 : "Well!......etc etc"
by name expert November 24, 2009
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A beautiful, smart, pretty little thing.
Heyy did you see that pretty girl?.. yeahh.. shes so Tamsin!
by JunaidM March 06, 2009
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Badass, sexy, wild type of girl who won't take your shit. Really intelligent and beautiful.
#1: Daayyuumm did you see that dime?
#2: She fine, she must be a Tamsin.
by bryanyan June 18, 2010
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