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Talli is the most amazing person you will ever meet. She is so awesome and everyone loves her and wants to be just like her. SHE IS NOT A TALLI WHACKER. She is the most beautiful person ever and she's really haaawt and sexy. She has a ton of friends and believes that one day Derrick Rose or Justin Bieber WILL be her husband.
I don't think anyone is as awesome as Talli
by ILoveJustinBieber123456789 January 08, 2012
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Most beautiful woman that loves to be called mom and has a great ass.
Hi Tallis ur beautiful and ur a great mom.
by The Realiesr MVP November 17, 2016
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A person who assists one in the act of defecation in a hotel room or other public facility. It is usually found in high class European facilities and hotels. Reserved for the eldery/physically disabled. It is the origin for the English word: toilet.
And do the rooms, sorry, one more question for them, do the rooms have a tallis? T-A-L-L-I-S, see these places actually have a person called a Tallis.
by Uexdrukl March 06, 2011
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The most sexiest person living. The girls froth over him and all wish they could take him "down under". Always a 10 outa 10 with a woppa shlong.
Omg look how sexy he is I wanna sit on him

Yeah Rachel hes obviously called tallis
by Angry Doori February 07, 2018
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A slang word referring to a woman's genitals.

The antonym of a Talli is the Talliwacker which refers to the male's genitals.
Bob: Hey Linda, may I wack your Talli with my Talliwacker?
Linda: Why sure Bob.
by Hersheykiss7344 November 30, 2008
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