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Chicago Bulls starting point guard, 2008-09 NBA Rookie of the Year, and the future face of the Bulls and NBA. Born and raised in Chicago, Rose played at Simeon Career Acadamey and the University of Memphis before becoming the 1st overall pick by the Bulls in the 2008 NBA draft.
In his first ever playoff game, Derrick Rose set a record with 36 points in a victory over the Boston Celtics.
by K-Fel April 22, 2009
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Currently a point guard for the Chicago Bulls.

In college, he played for the Memphis Tigers for one year, gathering up an average of 14.9 PPG duing the regular season.

Rose was selected 1st in the NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls, who had only a 1.7% chance of getting the top pick in the Draft Lottery.

In his first season (2008-09), he won the Rookie of the Year award, becoming the 3rd Bulls player to ever do so.

In his second season, he scored 20.8 PPG and made the All-Star team that year. The Bulls finished with a 41-41 record for the second straight year and made the playoffs again.

In his third season, Rose had a phenomenal season, scoring 25 PPG, making the All-Star team again, and led his team to a 62-20 record, best in the NBA. He won the League's MVP award, becoming the youngest NBA player ever to win the award.

In the playoffs, Rose got farther than the first round for the first time in his career, defeating the Pacers and Hawks (he scored a career-high 44 points in a game against Atlanta). In the Eastern Conference Finals, the Bulls eventually lost to the Miami Heat 4-1.

In his fourth season, Rose only played 39 games during an injury-filled season. He made the All-Star game for the third consecutive season.

During the Bulls' playoff opener, Rose tore his ACL and missed the rest of the playoffs, with an estimated recovery period of 8-12 months.

He is currently scheduled to make a quicker comeback to the team sometime after the 2013 All-Star break.
Derrick Rose is easily one of the best players in the NBA.

Stacey King: Too big, too strong, too fast, too good" (in reference to Derrick Rose's play)
by Chicago's One and Only November 02, 2012
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Joe: Damn, Tom is out for the season for the 2nd straight year!
Frank: He sure knows how to Derrick Rose.
by the one dude February 08, 2014
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