The girl next door who everyone wants to be friends with because they have a well balanced personality with multiple attributes and is usually attractive , multi-talented and easy going with a high IQ.
That girl is so cool she must be a Talley!
by White Lily February 4, 2010
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1. To break something of someone elses by using it in a way it should not be used.

2. Acting like you won a race, when the other person didnt know that they were racing you.
1. I was way past the redline of your car when it broke. I pulled a talley on it.
2. I totally beat that ferrari, in my honda. Chalk up another talley.
by King of Rice November 1, 2007
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a backstabbing person. With no friends and is riduclous mean to everyone she sees. Always rude and smells
by bowlingpin April 18, 2013
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a random and unexplainable appearance of something unwanted
person 1: Yo dude whats up
person 2: hey man you coming to my party tonight?
talley spawner: hi guys
persons 1&2: WTF?! talley spawn!
by i am the coon December 18, 2010
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A cheap 12 pack of carling lager (tallboys) that gets you very very drunk... will lead to a good night.
Stretch: "Hey what r u drinking tonight?"
Donnie: "Im on those carling talleys...chyeaaa"
Sretch: "Same...Damn tonights gonna be good"
by URBOy February 25, 2008
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THEY HOTTEST CHILD MODEL EVER! She modeled in Happy Nation by Victoria's Secrert at just 14! She's a ginger beauty and has my dream life!
Have you seen Lyric Talleys new insta post?
by Rando10987654321 August 2, 2022
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