Someone who uses up all the damn shit tickets. Usually leaving you to start, realize you're out, and have to do the cheek-clinch-penguin-waddle to get more.
Jake "I was in such a rush to drop a deuce the other day, I didn't even realize we were out of shit tickets..."

Brant "LOL yeah dude, hate when that happens".

Jake "It was prolly travis, you'd think he has the worst shits the way he uses that stuff. Damn Ticket Taker.
by dat guy deuce October 14, 2009
When in a public restroom, taking a dump, someone startling the one taking the dump. This has various results.
Man, I was almost finished when that Turd Taker came in.
by irish cow17 November 26, 2007
A man who freely has sex with 3 or more women individually within 24 hours.
Amy accused her husband of being a pussy taker.
by Pussier February 21, 2018
Gay male who takes a measurable amount of cock To the butt and or the mouth.
by Powdered Toast October 8, 2009
It is used to define annoying people or perverts
While I came here,I was hoping to meet a someone nice,not a piss taker
by bunubirturkyapti January 10, 2012
The unfortunate soul who answers 911 calls and is unable to make fun of you for it, or point out how dumb you are.

Your neighbor's lawn trimmings are getting on your lawn? The kids are throwing a superball near your car? Your 5 year old is out of control and won't go to bed? Your teenager isn't listening to you? The neighbors bush is too big? McDonalds didn't give you exact change? The car in front of you is driving slow on purpose? And it goes on, and on, and on...
911 Call Taker EMERGENCY

My neighbors are playing their tv too loud, it's 3 in the afternoon and my cats usually take a nap right now...

by AK5482 March 17, 2011
Someone who takes advantage of a oversight
The casino offered a video poker game with a 390% advantage allowing the shot taker to turn $50 to in $32000 in two hours.
by LVHerbie May 18, 2011