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A derogatory term in the sales world, an order taker is someone who has no real sales ability. They're just going through the motions and don't have the skills to actually sell someone something. The order taker relies on existing accounts that will just reorder when they need something, or they rely on inbound calls to make sales. The worst order takers are the ones who think they're big stuff, but are really just chalking up sales that are really driven by price or high demand, and having nothing to do with the ability of the salesperson.
Steve is just an order taker. He couldn't close a tough sale if his life depended on it.
by F-D September 5, 2006
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Used in Ireland
Used to define someone who takes the easy way out or takes advantage of something, while not caring for their morals
Derived from 1847 great famine when catholics turned protestant so they were allowed to take soup
"you're such a soup taker, ya snake"
by HarshRealityLike April 6, 2019
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A person who deliberately causes the breakup in someone's relationship so they can have a go at the other person's partner. Usually they do it to a a close friend which makes them even worse.
I lost my girlfriend to my cake taker so called friend, Rob.
by Boyd M May 18, 2005
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An O.G or someone who has cashed out before from yahoo

Someone who has seen Money from Fraud previously
Old Taker don sell him PS5 e talk say life is not game
by Yoruba Slang July 10, 2022
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a seat taker is one who takes it in the seat
When Wilson was in jail he became the best seat taker in the joint
by antous on topolots October 14, 2008
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A person who gifts something, then takes it back.
Now that we have the word "taker-backer" we don't have to sound like racists and use the phrase "Indian giver."
by ilangdonm August 3, 2009
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A person who has intercourse with with the male sexual organ.
She is such a cock taker.
by MrFreeman88 March 3, 2004
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