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a man or woman with deep moral convictions..A girl or guy with high moral standards that have respect for his/her body.A man or woman that will make your life a living hell if you date them AND you do not have the same sort of convictions they have.A man or woman that expects the best(but also gives it)at all times.Easy to hang with-- a chore to date.. LOL

Straitlaced chics man : Your chic is looking good dude!!!
His pal: Yeah she's even better in bed!!
Straitlaced chic: Shut the fuk up or your balls are gonners!!

Straitlaced mans gal:Woo WOO I love dancing on the bar.. Tee Hee all the men love looking at me!!
Her pal: Yeah this is fun WOOO HOOO
Straitlaced Man: Get the hell off the bar!! Are you my chic or some damned barsexuals!!
by looneyballoonie April 15, 2008
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Someone that says they want to be alone but they can't.A man or woman that plays like a playa but honestly can't stand to let anyone go.A person that hates to be lonely but always says they want to be alone.Someone that wants to hang with you but can't enjoy it without complaining about never getting time for themselves..Someone that expects you to be available whenever they want..Someone that can't make a clear decision.
Man -- Johnny is such a time taker.He always wants me to be free to do what he wants.He can't commit.He is nothing but a time taker...
by looneyballoonie April 13, 2008
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