1. A word used to describe the moment when the sun breaks over the horizon in the morning.
2. Anything non-bowel movement related.
-Did you see the tae this morning?
--Yeah it was nice.
by psychhhh May 2, 2009
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Is a famous Filipino word which is usually often used in expressing a great feeling towards something.This can actually be used to every expression, Either you are angy, happy or suprised you can use this word expression. This originally mean poop/dump but this started to be used as an expression mostly on GEN Z kids. This can be mentioned in any part of the sentence.
'Tae ka talaga!' ___"You're a poop"
by Stephaniemahiligsatae November 4, 2020
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Ang susunod na mangyayari pagkatapos mong umutot ng sunod sunod. Minsan may kasama pang corn.
Tignan mo tae ko may kasamang mais, teka pwede pa ata 'to.. *munch*

Ok that example was gross, but I know u were thinking it.
by Explodia August 2, 2007
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Damn yo your a Tae.

I wish i could be like Tae.
by AHAHHh October 25, 2008
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mabaho ang tae ni manolo

manolo's feces is very smelly
by iskarnorst October 23, 2003
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Tae is not her full name, she’s so nice to everyone and her friends that she is mean to she loves them the most. She thinks everybody is beautiful in there own way. She also hates when people spell her name wrong.
Tae is great.
by Tae is amazing March 14, 2018
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The Irish word for tea. The Irish drink a lot of tae!
Do ya want a cuppa Tae?

Ara, I'm grand!
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