Look okay from certain angles, definitely not up close! Has a fat ego, thinks they've fell from heaven when really they're a mess, loves the attention and is nasty to his exes.
Yo tae you out tonight? #tosser
by Jordan459 May 27, 2017
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A real bad bitch when she wanna be (not a hot girl tho) nice, tells great jokes and keeps her circle small 🧸 she’s smarter than she lets on but when comes down to it knows how to reveal that side of her πŸ₯°. Also SHE DONT FUCK WITH CLOWN ASS NIGGAS/BITCHES 🀑✌🏼

Tae is a real bad bitch when she wanna be!🦍
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by Mystery._zz August 20, 2019
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Is a famous Filipino word which is usually often used in expressing a great feeling towards something.This can actually be used to every expression, Either you are angy, happy or suprised you can use this word expression. This originally mean poop/dump but this started to be used as an expression mostly on GEN Z kids. This can be mentioned in any part of the sentence.
'Tae ka talaga!' ___"You're a poop"
by Stephaniemahiligsatae November 03, 2020
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A very sexy man who's eyes are green and beautiful. He can pull A lot of girls but most only stick with one there whole life since there very loyal to there girl.
Girl: I really want a Tae right now
by TheBigBabyDaddy May 27, 2018
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