tongan translation for "shit" and is usually used as a name/insult.
person 1: "your girlfriend is pretty hot aye!"
person 2: "ta'e!"
by ashunz May 19, 2019
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she works at the Akubecko (sp?) in the anime Rurouni Kenshin. She's cool.
Tae lets Sano keep adding stuff to his tab! O_O
by Eddy October 20, 2003
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Taehyung Tae is a nickname given to Kpop singer Kim Taehyung from the group BTS.

He is the second youngest in the group and has multiple nicknames like TaeTae, V (which is his stage name) and blank tae (a nickname he earned from ARMY because of the sometimes ADORABLE blank expressions he holds)

His birthday is on 30th of december and he holds the position of A singer and a visual as well as dabcer in the BTS
"Tae's voice is so beautiful"

"Tae looks so beautiful with red hair."

"Have you listened to the newest song by Tae? Its called Singularity."
via giphy
by DYLAN♡ February 06, 2019
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Short for alot of names and also normally known as the biggest hoe on the block
"Damn that girl named tae? Oh yeah she's a tae"
by Bug dog August 07, 2017
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Tae is usually a black perverted young chilld that only likes girls for their nudes and ass. He’s very ugly and has a small dick and zero balls.
Eww stay away from that Tae
by Somone You don't know April 10, 2018
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Haha tae is so stupid god I hate him so much I want to smash his skull with the hardest and sharpest rock I can find
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Bad Bitch who doesnt care about what others think. She is sweet, funny, beautiful and loyal. Taes are usually very aggressive, you dont wanna get into a fight with her.
yo chill, thats Tae, dont mess with her
by nkbj April 16, 2020
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