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A very kinky sexual act. Taco Belling consists of strapping a cow bell to a womans taco and fucking her in the ass. To get the perfect Taco Belling experience, make sure your dick is between 7 and 19 inches long. When done right, the woman should moo like a cow and shake her ass around sounding the cow bell.
Dude I was totally Taco Belling with my girlfriend last night!

When I was Taco Belling with this hot milf she started mooing like a cow and sounded her bell with satisfaction!
by Drimicus August 02, 2008
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When you give a beat down to one of your friends or random stranger. Just like the Taco Bell executive did to the Uber driver
Man I didn't think you were that mad and then I saw you taco belling the hell out of that guy in the parking lot!!!!
by tkmeister January 08, 2016
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