A shit so powerful and ass exploding
Hot lava from your ass
Don't eat Taco Bell unless you want to face the pain
Eric: Why are you taking so long in the bathroom?
Alexis: I'm having Taco Bell shits

Eric: Ohhhhh.....(understands)
by peepeeissmall April 8, 2021
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A shit so large, so powerful, so smelly that it can only have been caused by eating Taco Bell. These shits can be either runny or solid depending on the quality and the quantity of the Taco Bell you consumed.
Tom: Oh my god, I just had the most deadly Taco Bell shit.

Ben: I know, me and my girlfriend could smell it while boning in my room. The other side of the house.
by -=MoNsTeR-CoCk=- December 24, 2009
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Just look at the menu. It's what they sell.
Taco Bell Shit = "Look at all that shit on Taco Bell's menu! It makes me have a BM without even eating it."
by Rashe January 3, 2010
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my girlfriend had this before and she shat all over my face

i shitted me self also
joe: my girlfriend fucking taco bell shit pussy all over my dick and now its brown forever.
bob: i hate niggers!
by beanerhub July 14, 2023
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