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A shit hole, never go there or you will get syphilis.
"St.Helens is a shit hole"
by St Helens Shit Hole September 29, 2014
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Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
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St. Helens is one of the best towns in the north west of England. It used to be part of Lancashire but sadly now is part of Merseyside. The town is built on its heritage in the coal mining industry rugby and world class glass making. We are often out to shame because we are so close to the shit hole called Liverpool. It has a booming night life and great rugby by our world class team St. Helens RLFC.
You should come it’s better than any where else in the northwest! Fuck the haters πŸ˜‚
Hahahahaha St. Helens might look like a shit hole but it’s got the best community and I would never feel as welcome in any other town !
by The names narstie, wagwan October 27, 2018
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The best team in the Superleague, nobody can beat St Helens!!
St Helens just won the Powergen Cup Final, a score of 42-12. Next Stop: The Superleage Grand Final! COME ON YOU SAINTS!!
by Metal Master August 26, 2006
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st.Helens may be one of the biggest shit holes in england holding the highest, incest, stabbing, murder rate, but ask yourselves wot is your towns claim 2 fame. At least our glass has the class and our rugby team is one of the best eva. You wish you lived here. You havent lived unless youve bin st.helens.
st helens are Winners of super league and powergen cup and league leaders 2006
by Helen G October 20, 2006
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A small town in the North-West of England. Formerly part of the County of Lancashire, St Helens is now unfortunately part of Merseyside, although remains a quality town. St Helens is heavily criticised by their neighbouring city of Liverpool who remain bitter and obnoxious and only love their own people. Although St Helens is small, there is plenty to do and this attracts people from all over the North-West and further for the excuisite cuisine, quality nightlife and superb shopping. St Helens happens to be the Capital of the World for Glass-Making, aswell as the home of arguably the best Rugby League team in the World, St Helens RLFC. Although many (Widnesians, Warringtons and Wiganers) are quick to make negative comments about St Helens, they must ask themselves what their towns are good for; nothing. They all want to live in St Helens; the home of class.
Scouser1: "Fucken hate St Helens me Lird!"
Scouser2: "Ahh yeah me to mateee!"
Scouser1: "Fucken WOOLS! Doin' anyt'n tonight mate?"
Scouser2: "Goin St Helens mate."
Scouser1: "Yeah me too mate."
by Rick Astley II December 11, 2008
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A small town in the North West, which has an consistant increase of chavs in the population. These scum tend to go schools like Cowley and De La Salle, and love to wear cheap jewelery from Argos, such as sovereigns and silver chains. St Helens is also the second worst place in the UK for underage pregnancies. Almost everyoe is related too, other than Christopher Moorst. There many celebrities at St Helens, such as Johnny Wellyman and Joey Bogroll.
"I hate that small town St Helens, it is full of ballbag chavs."
by Christopher Moorst May 11, 2006
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