The act of Blowing ones nose into a vagina.
Person with vagina: Babe can you paco taco me?
Babe: Sure, it's your lucky day! I have a runny nose.
by Pacotaco20 July 31, 2018
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Is an illegal border hoping mexican, who travels from house to house living under kitchens sinks. He is an overall nice character, and can be a true friend. He makes the best banging omelets ever, is there for you when your down. He has your front when your getting busy, and always has the best schwee. Some people find him imaginary, others find him just down right the best mexican ever. 3pe for life.
Im hungover, will Paco-taco make me an omelet?
by 3pe April 10, 2009
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A Mexican woman's vagina that has blonde trimmed hairs and smells like fish.
As Paco went down on Consuela, he realized her trimmed blonde public hairs were as bright as American cheese and her vagina smelled like fish. Thus making it a Paco Taco.
by SoCalBro August 31, 2020
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a small gamer who likes to eat major peen and is the opposite of a chad
ya joey is such a taco paco
by FBC ROSAPARK April 16, 2020
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