Proof that oil and water DO mix after all.

This nasty-tasting, solidified soy oil is used as a substitute for real cheese, which at least has nutrition and is ACTUALLY digestible.
I made the terrible mistake of buying American cheese (hey, it cost half as much as Cheddar). The next day, I woke up with explosive diarrhea because that shit just went right through my digestive tract.
by sarcastic December 17, 2003
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A type of cheese that is of low quality, possibly due to mass production.

Best when melted.
-Damn, this American cheese is bad.
-Try toasting it.
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A really good version of something that shouldn’t be good at all.
That hotel’s restaurant is 5-star and can make even the simplest thing taste good. Even their grilled cheese and soup tastes better than you expect. They must use Imported American Cheese or something.
by MR2 March 24, 2007
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To describe someone who really enjoys smoking cheese and crack through their own dick.
Ex 1: Yo, I heard you're an American Cheese Meth head, I'd like to try it with you some time.
by letem October 8, 2019
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Something that seems to be cheese, but in reality, its just plastic
American cheese is gross, its not even real cheese!
by Morpheas7819 January 6, 2023
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1. Referred to as an American that eats processed food such as Twinkies, Lunchables, and American cheese and is severely ugly; could be identified as a monster.
2. A woman or girl that is really hot typically with blonde hair because their hair matches what the color of American cheese is. She could be ugly too but cheese is cheese
1. (in walmart) look at that sad overweight AMERICAN CHEESE in the frozen food section. I cant believe someone could live like that CHEESE.

2. (in the mall) Bro that AMERICAN CHEESE is so hot she’s like a model.
by Sea person July 19, 2021
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Kraft American cheese singles great to make grilled cheeses with.
Recipe: take two slices of bread
Take two slices of Kraft singles American cheese, put the cheese on the bread, heat up on a stove with butter on each side of the bread, heat up til cheese is melted.
by Señorita.Estrellita August 29, 2018
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