Something that ALWAYS happens to stab your toes
Person: walking to the couch

Table leg:reaches out and stabs persons toes

Person:ooooo look a huge chunk out of my toe is missing again due to the stupid table leg.
by The real holy cow February 4, 2020
The act of attempting to level a wobbly table that has one leg shorter than the others. Usually resulting in reducing a dinner table to the height of a coffee table.
I just table-legged my haircut, (by trying to even out the ends).
by JD Too February 18, 2013
A meal that is so good you pop a boner. A meal that is just phenomenal! Delicious meal!!
by John Kazz September 12, 2007
When having sex with a woman/man/other doggy-style, your penis slips out. It heads straight for Door Number 2 but gets jammed sideways in between the ass cheeks, thus resembling a broken table leg.
After his third slippery busted table leg, Bill was never the same.

Hurts more than a slippery busted table leg.
by Wes & Rob February 28, 2007
To perform stick your leg into your partners ass and wiggle leg
I gave my girlfriend the table leg move and we had to rush to the er at 1 in the morning
by Krig6user January 1, 2022