Thanks. Thank you.
It's informal and casual.
Mother: Pass me the salt.
Daughter: Here you are.
Mother: Taa.
by ayuanx March 28, 2012
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That was a Man of the Match performance by TAA today
by eyeisright September 5, 2020
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The first type of Taas is the Taas that are named are most likely cursed to be short forever and can be seriously annoying to talk to sometimes. They are nerdy and eh. Don't do any exercise obviously and have never taken a walk. Maybe slightly kind and wild. The second type can be smart and caring though shy (this is a rare type of Taas though).
"That guy is totally named Taas."

"Which type of Taas?"

"Number one I'd say."
by Zooombooom May 8, 2023
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Justin: "What do you look for in a man?"
Me: "TAA
by Pnwkaitlynn July 14, 2017
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TAA means when a female wants to and urges herself toward a single man who gives her attention and wants to preform sexual acts with him
Girl: i love you
Boy: no your not your pretty thanks
Girl: I liked it when you TAA me now here's your reward
by Appleman123 May 30, 2014
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