Thanks. Thank you.
It's informal and casual.
Mother: Pass me the salt.
Daughter: Here you are.
Mother: Taa.
by ayuanx March 28, 2012
That was a Man of the Match performance by TAA today
by eyeisright September 5, 2020
Justin: "What do you look for in a man?"
Me: "TAA
by Pnwkaitlynn July 14, 2017
TAA means when a female wants to and urges herself toward a single man who gives her attention and wants to preform sexual acts with him
Girl: i love you
Boy: no your not your pretty thanks
Girl: I liked it when you TAA me now here's your reward
by Appleman123 May 30, 2014
A phrase rarely used within common civilised society, however is most commonly uttered by the members of the Vietnamese-Chinese Phungi species, characterized by their prominent big fat calves.
This primitive breed are an endangered species, due to their inexplicable ability to do and say stupid things and hurt themselves- such as befriending complete strangers, and from them accepting candy and other assorted treats.
Studies by leading researchers have shown that the irresponsible, wild and out of control behaviour of the Phungus has a direct correlation with the ridiculous use of language demonstrated these crazy arse Mofos, which culminated with the creation of the 'raa taa' phrase.
It has been noted that her ability to grasp the English language deteriorates as the Phungus indulges more and more into her crazy lifestyle- which consists of inhaling paint fumes, sleep deprivation and false delusions of grandeur bought on by excessive alcoholic beverage consumption.

Researchers at the Institute For Total Lost Causes have found the creation of the imaginary word 'raa taa' to be a blatant attention seeking cry for help, as the speaker knowingly drinks away their bank balance until they are living in a cardboard box and clinging to scraps of black dress that they don't even own!!.. but even then one would find Junkie Jack found drinking Tesco value cider with the local tramp Boozy Beans.
Phungi are advised to seek help at Insomaniacs Anonymous, where they will be given treatment for their addiction to Vodbull and Appletinis.

They have recently survived an assassination attempt in the form of absinthe by the manager of a leading Hammersmith bar... stay strong Lobby! Don’t let them bitches bring you down daaawwwggg!
Boozy: Did you know that on average there are 178 sesame seeds on a Big Mac bun?
Jack: RAA TAA!
Boozy: True fact.
Jack: Let’s go to Mac D’s and count them..
Too drunk to drive. Any good at reversing?

by Boozy Beans March 27, 2008