I fact checked him after the debate to count every TTT that came out of his mouth in 60 minutes.
by talk2me-JCH2 October 1, 2023
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Schools ranked in third tier according to US News & World Report. Typically used by pre law students on the Princeton Review Board, XOXOHTH.com board to refer to schools that they consider "beneath" them based on their LSAT/GPA scores.
Pace Law is a total TTT!
by Esquire March 28, 2005
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Third tier toilet, a term referring to crappy colleges for idiots.
by I Heart XOXO September 5, 2004
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A 14 year girl just tweeted that donald trump's tie is slightly untied. TTT attacking the child in 3, 2, 1.....
by Iknowthisiknowthis March 24, 2017
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Triple T (TTT) stands for "top tier tits." These are breasts that are in an elite class and cannot be beat. These are tits to die or kill for.
Damn! Check out the TTTs on that broad! She could smother me to death with those and I would die a happy man!
by Mikey Bibbles March 3, 2013
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Acronym for "Things Take Time"

Of Norwegian origin via Ruud, a bit of folksy wisdom that gets used heavily by ladies with boyfriends who claim to be patient yet constantly try to accelerate the schedule. Commonly heard in Colorado, used mostly by EMTAF.
"Yes, I know I've been your EMTAF for over three days, but TTT, you know!"

"A full kiss will come later, one lip for now. TTT"

"Count yourself lucky I'm your Tine this year. TTT. In a year or two I might be your Valentine"
by jimbopueblo February 14, 2012
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acronym for: Table Tennis Time
When everyone knows it's time to hit up the ping pong table and start playing crazy asian stylee
Zach: Fool, TTT? Fool you know it's TTT.
Paki: No Fool, I'm l-l-l-li-li-lik-lik-lik-like-like-like hexma ye gi
Zach: Jigga, It's TTT
Paki: Fine, you'll probably just kill me anyway like you always do, you're hella good. I worship you
Zach: I worship your tits
by paki likes to s some d June 22, 2010
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