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Toh The Fuck Out. To get knocked out after a night of excessive drinking.
Cindy drank too much and ttfo. Rabak.
by owjrngngiwkalwf May 07, 2016
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I was TTFOed from my last job. Originated in the wonderful world of Radio DJs and invented by a long time listener when inquiring as to what happened to so and so. "Oh, you mean he was TTFOed ?"
by HarveyW January 10, 2009
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Tears Tears Fuck Off
Computer slang. Often used in Warcraft 3: the frozen throne.

Strictly it is two definitions in one: T_T (tears tears or crying fase) and Pls leave the game of pls shut up.
Used when somebody makes a mistake or something sad happens because some one is noobin'.
Example after a noob mistake:
"TTFO please leave"
by Davincy May 20, 2008
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