A crying emoticon. The tops of the Ts are the eyes, and the stems are the tears streaming down the emoticon's face.
by Micah January 22, 2004
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Ten out of ten
Yo g that girl over there’s peng she’s a TT
by S.sav67 January 1, 2019
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by mrsanon December 27, 2016
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What black people use for aunt. Simple as that, really.
Person 1: Who just pulled up ina drive way?
Person 2: Oh that's TT. She finna slide on me real quick for these pills.
by latrelljennings April 12, 2019
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TT is a crying emoticon. "TT" is also a bop by South Korean girl group TWICE which lead to many memes.
Person 1: Aw man, we have so many exams this week
Person 2: I know TT


Person 1: Someone is spreading false information about TWICE on Twitter...
Person 2: Oh man they're gonna be like TT after I beat their @ss
by imIikett October 21, 2017
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Between 12am and 6:30am, if at least 500 people tweet about the same subject in about 1200 total tweets, it could become a TT.
by twitter.com/RealMsBrittany October 11, 2009
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