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The definition of “trending” (a topic) be the subject of many posts on a social media website within a short period of time.

Ex: "I've just taken a quick look at what's trending on Twitter right now"

This is true for the term trending unless you’re talking about trending on YouTube in which case is not actually trending at all. Trending on youtube is simply videos that are not popular at all and are forced down people’s throats. Although this is YouTubes truth, videos by creators like Shane Dawson get 6 million views in 8 hours (9/25) (‘The Mind of Jake Paul’) and THAT is the actual definition of trending. thank you for coming to my ted talk.
of course shane dawson isn’t trending on youtube! they don’t know what trending means!
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by shanexyaw September 25, 2018
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"Trending" is a mutilation of the English language that means "currently popular." It derives from a sad misunderstanding of the verb "to trend" as meaning "to become a trend."

Twitter's "Trending Topics" list has probably contributed to this degeneration.
A: I said "Wikileaks is trending now" when I should have just said it was a popular news story. What's happening to me?!

B: The internet has ruined your mind. Reading pop culture on the internet is the worst thing you could do to your ability to communicate in plain English short of taking up a career in contract law. Hence "trending."
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No longer cat videos, but still not good content, unless Charlie Puth makes a song and posts it, or youtube has mercy to Jacksfilms and Pewdiepie
Person 1: Man did you check the trending tab today?
Person 2: Why, would you ever commit such sins against humanity? I don't think we're friends anymore.
by Renestesy November 17, 2017
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Searches of a similar topic at the same time
It was a non-topic and trending on Twitter
by ='srtrx August 23, 2019
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