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The TSO concert was freaking awesome, but the lasers gave me a seizure.
by Jess the P1rate December 30, 2004
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Means "The Special One", the most common nickname for Jose Mourinho, who is a world famous soccer manager (or coach depending on where you are from).

Mourinho is one hell of a manager, he has coached some of the most famous soccer teams in the world like Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and Porto! He's also won atleast 3 trophies for each team of these teams!
What makes him different from all other soccer coaches is that he's got the balls to say whatever he thinks, whether it's beaking other coaches or trashing the referee for making a bad call.

Starting in August 2013 he will be coaching Chelsea a second time.
Frank: Did you hear that TSO is coming back to Chelsea?
John: The Special One? You mean Jose Mourinho?
Frank: Yeah, definitely! Do you remember the last time that he was here? Chelsea were the kings of England!
John: I can't wait for him to get here, him and Chelsea are totally gonna whoop some ass!
by ktbffh June 09, 2013
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Stands for "The sims Online" a social multiplayergame inspired by the Sims computergame by Maxis/Electronic arts.
TSO just celebrated its first year as an onlinegame.
by Linda December 14, 2003
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The onomatopoeic, hypothetical sound of a fluctuating anus during coitus. Heavy emphasis must be made on the 'so' creating the sound 'tsauce' with the t being sounded as in the word 'today'.
"You should have seen the Tsos on my bitch yesterday!"
by Chazl March 11, 2008
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Prefix: Also known as TSo and T-So.
One who completely ruins an Internet forum by interjecting meaningless opinions related to nothing.
Hey Marc, You have been Tso stupid the past few years of your life with your empty thoughts.
by Mark Bourgerie August 14, 2006
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