Canadian 24-hour sports channel which debuted in 1984. Percentage of it was purchased by ESPN in 1995 after the Canadian government, in their protectionist infinite wisdom, revoked the American network's entry into the Canadian TV market. (After all, everyone knows the biggest cultural threat to Canada is the NCAA). Gradually since, all graphics, logos and names have been styled in the ESPN format - i.e. "Sportscentre" with Canadian spelling. The essential result is a network which devotes 90% of its time to hockey and curling while using exciting teases and graphics. Only notable upside is simulcasting of some ESPN programming.
I could tell you some salacious stories about what has gone on behind the scenes at TSN in recent years, but I won't.
by Lazarus Ciccone January 13, 2006
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Often referred to as The Sports Network or Toronto Sports Network, it actually stands for Top Sports Network, or, more commonly, Tahiti Sports Network. Not only is this a more correct definition, it is also more schmiff.
I wish some people would stop defining TSN wrong. Everyone knows that its true definition is Tahiti Sports Network. Gosh.
by cranksauce October 12, 2011
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Canada's version of ESPN. Like ours, but with hockey, curling, and goofy Canadian accents.
Did you watch the Habs-Leafs game? No? Well, you can just catch the highlights on TSN.
by The Jobe November 20, 2005
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Stands for "Totally Showing Nipple". When you can see a nipple (or the outline) through someone's shirt.
Mark- "Oh gross.. she has tsn"
by hey12you January 19, 2009
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Team Sportscast Network - The one and only source for the online gaming revolution.
TsN rox0rs
by AgentABC October 13, 2003
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the crazy sexy broadcaster/conductor from #tsn takin us to supermario world... doo da doo doo da doo doo dooood oodod udnduna
by pacifist April 20, 2005
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