the sexy broadcaster/conductor from #tsn takin us on a crazy trip to supermario world... doo da doo doo doo da doo doo do dooo doododododo dunduandnau dun
by pacifist April 20, 2005
A significant or life changing event.
First used by "TSN"(The Sports Network.) In every hockey broadcast on this station they include a feature named the TSN Turning Point; where they show the highlite that most influenced the outcome of the game.
That right hook you threw was definitly the TSN Turning Point in that fight man.
by mapleleafkideh September 19, 2005
A book about gay orphans fighting demons and doing crime. 0/10 do not read.
Person A: have you read The Shaken Neverland (TSN) ?
Person B: yes, I hated it
by Theshakenneverland May 14, 2022