Anal sex so intense it feels like it's in your intestines.
Oh man, that dude triped the fuck out of me last night.

He triped me so hard, I have to use a walker now.
by Kimmiebelle August 23, 2020
don't believe all those other little girls who gave their definitions of tripe.

tripe is stomach lining of animals. it's delicious stuff, a nice chewy alternative to all the other stuff out there. goes great with vietnamese pho, and it's awesome as a chinese stir-fry.
tripe is delicious and goes well with sriracha chili sauce.
by j.m.f. November 20, 2007
Offal taken from the stomachs of various animals.
Tastes good, even when plain.
Don't listen to the definitions involving sexual topics; grow up.
I like cow tripe with chili garlic sauce.
by *censored* November 14, 2007
To talk Tripe: another way of talking complete crap or something disgusting.

Tripe: a replacement word for shit when used for someone's speech.

(I made it up coz Tripe sounds like nasty dog food, haha)
Person 1: "I'm so great. I can do anything I want, sleep with anyone I want & get whatever I want... I can also get you into any club anywhere!"!

Person 2: "Quit talking tripe.. You ain't ish!"
by Felix Maughan August 27, 2006
contemptible or worthless material(from a term for the stomache lining of an animal used for food as such foodsuffs are held in low regard)
If you really think you need this tripe you need a life.
The Acronym of the five determinants of demand
-Tastes and Preferences
-Related Goods


-Income (Consumers)
-Expectations of the Future (Consumers)
TRIPE is an acronym for the determinants of demand
by NitroJector May 19, 2018