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A comical yet violent variation of the popular card game UNO. Whereas the original UNO created by Merle Robbins was invented to resolve arguments, the modern TRAINO variant is known to incite violence, usually due to the excessive spontaneous creation of penalty rules against week minded players and the European style of slapping faces when forced to pick up cards. The origins of TRAINO can be traced back to an anonymous group of train commuting students in Sydney Australia.
Player 1 (on last card): β€œUNO!”
Player 2: β€œActually it’s TRAINO dimwit, for that you can pickup 12 cards!”
Player 2 proceeds to slap Player 1 in the face.
by Mansuvious June 28, 2010
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Another word For train station
Mostly used in Cities of Austraila
Oi man im at the traino, where are you?

Meet me At the Curimbine (place) traino
by Yndaba March 20, 2007
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(Australian English)

Common contraction of "train station", particularly ones in cities.
Oi, where the bloody hell are ya? Get to the traino already mate!

Passengers are reminded that- following complaints- the throwing of prawns on barbies is now prohibited at all metropolitan trainos. Penalties also now exist for bringing one's kangaroo onto the platform during its oestrus phase, and for releasing onto the tracks invasive species that the Australian ecosystem can’t handle. Your cooperation in these matters is much appreciated and we apologise for the inconvenience.
by Charlemagne1993 October 02, 2016
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