A person who never give up and go on and on. Loyal and a true friend. Smiles every day, even when she isn't happy. Very selfcritical, but also very mad. Beautiful, but she don't realize. Listen to everybody
Merle, come over. I have to tell you something
by Joshuaa March 31, 2017
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A girl wich is very funny and highly intelligent. Merle is possibly the most loyal Person you'll ever know if she falls in love with you, you will have an place in her heart forever. Having Merle as an friend is great luck because she is always doing her best to make her friends happy. She is one of a kind!
"I just can't forget that one girl"
"She must be a merle"
by Houstonbatman March 17, 2017
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A man or a woman of great intelligence. Attributes include high intelligence, great personality, loyalty, and friendship. Comical sense of humor. Allergic to drama and loose women/men. Also, an old Irish name meaning " blackbird"
Merle is a pearl of a girl. Merle is a man of his word.
Merle is very smart.
by smoothe operator 16 October 18, 2010
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A woman who puts everyone's happiness before herself.
Caring, Generous, Rude sense of humor.
"who is doing the dishes ?" "Merle is doing the dishes".
by QuietlyCraving February 14, 2010
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Guy: Hey girl, you ready to do it? *whip's it out*

Girl: WOW, Now that's a Merle
by sumyung April 18, 2010
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Any Dutch girl who simps for boys.
Look at the girl over there! She's such a Merle.
by Kurt6331 January 11, 2021
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Name given to boys at birth when their parents feel he wil grow up to fuck sheep
Man whats that noise coming from the sheep barn?
by Angrydragon009 September 27, 2016
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