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A man or a woman of great intelligence. Attributes include high intelligence, great personality, loyalty, and friendship. Comical sense of humor. Allergic to drama and loose women/men. Also, an old Irish name meaning " blackbird"
Merle is a pearl of a girl. Merle is a man of his word.
Merle is very smart.
by smoothe operator 16 October 17, 2010
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A sarcastic name for singer and songwriter Dua Lipa
Oh my god have you heard that new Dula Peep song?
by Expired Ravioli February 03, 2021
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A woman who puts everyone's happiness before herself.
Caring, Generous, Rude sense of humor.
"who is doing the dishes ?" "Merle is doing the dishes".
by QuietlyCraving February 13, 2010
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Guy: Hey girl, you ready to do it? *whip's it out*

Girl: WOW, Now that's a Merle
by sumyung April 18, 2010
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A polite way of calling someone haggard. Based on the name of country music icon Merle Haggard.
"It's Monday and this bar is full of merles, we should have a good chance of going home with someone tonight."

by mc oroville December 01, 2005
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Merle (m-url) is a rare mammal species long thought by scientists to be extinct. Although the merle physically appears very similar to human beings, it is genetically closer to an orangutangue. A merle was recently discovered living amongst humans in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Very few studies have been conducted on this Merle as it becomes enraged when approached by scientists.
Why are you attacking me!? You're acting like a Merle!
by Mimfucker April 25, 2008
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looking or feeling wasted or exhausted; as in "haggard".
I felt merle after I pulled the all-nighter.
by potreroist July 01, 2012
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