If someone does something helpful to you. And u want to say thanks, u can use the word, 'much appreciated' in that case.
A : Hey, u forgot ur keys at my place.. Here.
B. Oh ! Much appreciated
by TheDamselšŸ‘ø March 22, 2016
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An alternative up-and-coming contender to the popular response"Thank you; Thanks, Thank you very much, Many Thanks, etc". We will know if becomes commonplace in 50 years (from when this is posted) if people rarely or not all use "Thanks" anymore.
Cashier: I added a free bag to your groceries.
Customer: Perfect, Much Appreciated!
Cashier (Caught off guard; ponder): "What? Well, that was unexpected. That caught my attention"

Cashier: Ah, yeah, much appreciated ...
by flakewater June 3, 2017
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