Traditional Norwegian Morning Suit. Its when you grab your duvet at morning, instead of getting dressed, you wear this as your breakfast uniform.
Im just gonna go grab my TNMS.
by jaypeed March 13, 2016
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short for "these ni66as man...." when someone does something unusual, a lot like smh.
"He's an hour late whats he doing?"
"He told me he had to get a haircut before y'all go..."
by pseudonympersonyayyaya October 4, 2011
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Total Ninja Move: Anything of awesomeness equal to ninja status, moving like a ninja.
-Did you see him run up that wall??
-Yeah man, TNM
by probass April 14, 2011
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Total N00b Move. An action that represents or mimics those of a n00b.
I watched Corey play Blackops yesterday. This man was using RC-XD's, n00b tubers, and Attack Helicopters. TNM
by Fugeyfuge November 17, 2011
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A shortcut to say 'The Nugget Machine', a popular series on Newgrounds, was originally a spam series then it evolved into a semi-quality series.
by Liquidsapphire June 16, 2008
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A hood that is raw and fights to get respect
A. Where you live?
A.Word, I heard they was hot
B.We is..we Fight to get ours
by TA`AiSA September 4, 2006
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This is a YouTube channel who does brilliant videos. Go follow them on Instagram @ tnm_vlogs and subscribe to them on YouTube.
Randomer: Hey what YouTube channel is the best.

His friend: Obviously TnM Vlogs of course
by I am very TALLLL June 5, 2020
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