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Abbreviation for 'Too little information' ; lack of relevant information pertaining to a subject.

Antonyms: TMI - 'Too much information'
"Damon and Sob woke up one morning in the same bed after a rough night in the town."

by akmoney October 01, 2007
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Too Little Information. The reason why most Facebook and Twitter updates are useless. People forget to provide context for their messages. Next time someone sends the ubiquitous status update: "This is soooooo much fun!" Response: TLI. See undershare.
Girl 1: Jill sent the most random text message to me last night; it just said, "wish you were here."
Girl 2: Where was she?!
Girl 1: I have no idea! TLI!
by Chuco the driver January 17, 2011
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Toxic Liberal Inflammation - chronic inflammation of the joints and psyche. Symptoms are brought on by chronic exposure to the hateful liberal crowd in DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Symptoms include - depression, self-loathing, screaming at traffic, and elitism. Cured by extended periods of golf and travel with pro-American patriots and combat veterans of the Global War on Terror.
"I'm saturated with TLI and need to escape these ignorant libs and go golfing in Oklahoma."
"These elitist DC radicals are giving me a case of TLI."
"Quick, hand me that golf ball and a beer before my TLI sets in."
by DJ NoodleArmZ November 13, 2019
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TLI - Todays Lesson Is

a beautiful way to explain what your going to learn!



TLI all about how the penis meets the vagina.

(amazing story)
by The Boob Doctor July 10, 2011
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Thumb Looking Individual - a person who looks like a thumb
can be used in plural form TLI's
Kim Jong Un is such a TLI / Look at those kids! We got a fair few TLI's here
by BigBoi_hunter_77 June 15, 2018
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