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Abbreviation for 'Too little information' ; lack of relevant information pertaining to a subject.

Antonyms: TMI - 'Too much information'
"Damon and Sob woke up one morning in the same bed after a rough night in the town."

by akmoney October 01, 2007
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Too Little Information. The reason why most Facebook and Twitter updates are useless. People forget to provide context for their messages. Next time someone sends the ubiquitous status update: "This is soooooo much fun!" Response: TLI. See undershare.
Girl 1: Jill sent the most random text message to me last night; it just said, "wish you were here."
Girl 2: Where was she?!
Girl 1: I have no idea! TLI!
by Chuco the driver January 17, 2011
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TLI - Todays Lesson Is

a beautiful way to explain what your going to learn!



TLI all about how the penis meets the vagina.

(amazing story)
by The Boob Doctor July 10, 2011
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