The evil offspring of a succubus and an unconsenting Squidward Tentacles.
Because Laura Ingraham is evil and talks like an Octopus who lives next door to a Pineapple under the sea she’s obviously a daughter of a Succubus and Squidward Tentacles.
by Patriotic Leftie February 28, 2022
Conservative: Did you read Ann Coulter's new novel where she attacks the liberal media?

poor conservative: No. I couldn't hash out the $12 so I just bought Laura Ingraham's novel for a third of the cost.

Conservative: Is it any good?

poor conservative: When your wearing beer goggles.
by Ludwig Von Mises February 14, 2008
Thinking you are showing someone how stupid they are but in reality you are just making a fool of yourself.
Pulling a Laura Ingraham. (Ex: trying to suck lightbulbs out of a steak with a plastic straw, to “trigger” Liberals).
Chad totally pulled a Laura Ingraham last night. He found out his Ex broke up with him cause he has a small dick and confronted her at the Kappa party. Dude drunk whipped out his junk to everyone, thinking he’s hung.. turns out he’s got a micro-penis. Got up the next morning and his whole car was covered in finger condoms.
by ALittleLupie September 8, 2019