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acronym for tits legs and ass
Whoa! That babe has some nice TLA
by ijiermz July 30, 2005
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DVORAK is a keyboard layout designed in the 1920's, named after its creator, August Dvorak. The keys are mapped so that commonly used letters in the English language, including all the vowels, are in the home row. Also, the letters are divided evenly between hands. In this way, your hands and fingers don't have to move much when typing. So basically, DVORAK is efficient and comfortable in English; whether it works just as well in other languages is unknown.

Even with DVORAK's obvious benefits, it is overshadowed by the more commonly used QWERTY layout, which has become the standard for most computers.
Me: Wow I just learned to type in Dvorak and it's awesome!
You: Oh, that's pretty cool. But I'm too used to Qwerty already to learn that.
by ijiermz September 18, 2005
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