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Tiddy Love and Affection

TLA is an abbreviation for 'tiddy love & affection ' - the act of receiving or providing the loving treatment of resting your head on one's chest area until you come to a sense of warmth and protection.
Person 1: "Damn gurl, you good?"

Person: "Real talk? I just need me some TLA and I'll be fine. Trust. "
by Gin and Platonic™️ April 29, 2019
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Pronounced "mi-mom-ick" ("ick" as in "icky")

To repeat and imitate the words or actions of a person because you find it pretty-darn hilarious and/or wish to tell another person about it for he/she was not present at the time to witness the hilariousness.

This is usually done with more or less the exact tone and/or gestures of the person in order to present the situation almost as accurately as the original person did.
*Herd of school students are racing out of the hallways to go out for lunch time*

Girl 1: They're gonna burst my balloons!
Girl 2: We've got to get outta here! *with dramatic body gesture*
Girl 1: Hahahaha! What was that?!
Girl 2: What was what?
Girl 1: "We've got to get out of here!" *with the same dramatic body gesture* Wahahaha!
Girl 2: Shut up *she has been mimomiced*

Girl 1: *still laughing while she runs to tell her other friend what happened* Oh my soul, you should have seen what just happened. *chuckle chuckle*
Boy 1: Hahaha, what?
Girl 1: Everybody was like racing out to lunch but they were like hurdling towards us and I was holding my balloons.

Boy 1: Okay, go on.
Girl 1: So I'm like, "They're gonna burst my balloons!". Hahahaha, and she's says, "We've got to get outta here!". *with the same dramatic body gesture*
Boy: Hahahahaha, what the heck?

Girl 2: Shut up! *she has been mimomiced for the second time*
by Gin and Platonic™️ May 19, 2013
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