"What did that taste like anyway?"
"It tasted a lot like TFW"
by XXxEpicGamer42069xXX April 14, 2019
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it stands for that feeling when.
ussialy used in memes.
(atleast from what i see)
tfw you realise ur wrong in an argument
tfw u vent infront of everyone in among us
by montrodonter November 23, 2020
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Common internet slang that has 2 general meanings.

1: The fuck why
2: That feel when
"tfw you go to the bathroom and the water splashes and gets on your butt"
"tfw disney own so much?"
by frindjinny6 November 02, 2020
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To name A few...

•that feeling when
the fuck would...?
the fucking world...
•today feels wrong

But none of those are what people mean when THEY type that. THEY MEAN: that/the/those feels/feeling(s) when...
Tfw your mom tells you the WiFi is down and you are almost outta data & you’ve gotta finish peaky blinders and black mirror on Netflix
by Gabrielephant January 06, 2018
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