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can mean good or bad.

comes from Telfs, A relitavely unkown guy from yorkshire, Uk.
"thats a telfs of a CD", "It's TelfsTASTIC"
by Culprit December 22, 2004
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A regional variant of chav or scally, deriving from a shortened version of 'Telford', an economically depressed new town in Shropshire. It has all the connotations of chav, but also implies a thick Shropshire accent, characterised by a rapid sing-song delivery and words such as 'munna' for 'must not, 'wunna' for 'don't want to' and 'Shoobree' for 'Shrewsbury'. In South Shropshire (e.g. Ludlow and Craven Arms) the term 'twarn' is sometimes used instead.
The train from Birmingham is OK after Wellington, it's where all the telfs get off.
by Chris Shield June 02, 2007
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a telf is a short name for a telfer, a name given to a angry, raving drunkard scotsman, who doesnt know his right from his left
look at that Telf running down the road, drunk, shouting insults at people
by Omz November 23, 2006
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A Telf is basically a Chav or Townie from Telford. They squeeze about 8 to 10 of themselves in a Nova and drive round car parks with shit hip-hop music playing very loud. They also hang out in the middle of the ice rink but just stand there shouting abuse instead of actually skating. Incidently, Telford has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the whole of Britain.
by non-Telf December 09, 2004
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Telfs (plural)
Telf (singular)

Regional variation on chavs. Telfs are the stupid white underclass from the town of Telford in England (American's might call them white trash). They claim £8,000 a week in benefits which they spend on.....

BOYS; Gold Jewellery, 50 Cent Albums, Sportswear, Alchopops
GIRLS; Their 19 kids (or at least thats what they tell people, they more likely spend it on the same things the boys do)

Telfs are good for nothing except reproduction, which they excel at.
(Man walks in to Telford bus station)
Man: Excuse me, can I get past please?
Telf Girl: WTF! Get of me yo homo. My boyfriend Liam is gonna kick yo when he gets out of tha yung offenders unit. Can't yo c ive got me little babies Marshall and Mathers to luk afta......0h damn.....where did i leave em this time?
Man: Damn it I hate telfs
by dan(paste) June 14, 2007
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