Brian likes red bull, but he won't drink coffee what a TBM.
by bjergen September 29, 2011
True Blue Mormon; member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints; momo; LDS
Gerald won't drink coffee and can't wait to get his own planet. Dangit, he's a TBM.
by bjergen September 29, 2011
Tactical Boyfriend Mention - mentioning one's boyfriend to alert potential suitors that you are a) not interested, b) don't want to lead them on and c) that they should back off and quit touching your damn arm already.
He was following me around all night, but as soon as I dropped the TBM he couldn't get out of there fast enough.
by Lif February 18, 2009
Alani.Hey, lets do something. come to my house.

David. Sorry babe, I'm TBM.
by ILovejewishpeople October 14, 2011
Total Brock Move
Noun: to get extremely lucky when you shouldn't be or don't deserve it; the person pulling the TBM will say that he/she is skilled but everyone knows it is just luck
-John: I can't believe he won that game of poker. It was such bullshit.

-Joey: I know. That was a TBM.

-John: I would take him with me to Las Vegas, but I'm afraid he'd brock out.
by JohnnyBoy3 February 2, 2014
Total Bitch Move. Used when a girl says or does something bitchy.
-That was a TBM.
by Bavagesam July 1, 2017
Throwback Memories - used on twitter as #TBM
Just saw my old bike from elementary school when I went home last weekend #TBM
by Mensorah September 5, 2016