Total Bitch Move. Used when a girl says or does something bitchy.
-That was a TBM.
by Bavagesam July 01, 2017
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Total Brock Move
Noun: to get extremely lucky when you shouldn't be or don't deserve it; the person pulling the TBM will say that he/she is skilled but everyone knows it is just luck
-John: I can't believe he won that game of poker. It was such bullshit.

-Joey: I know. That was a TBM.

-John: I would take him with me to Las Vegas, but I'm afraid he'd brock out.
by JohnnyBoy3 February 02, 2014
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Throwback Memories - used on twitter as #TBM
Just saw my old bike from elementary school when I went home last weekend #TBM
by Mensorah September 05, 2016
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Total Boner Move: Noun

A blunder, a screwup, a move that a "boner" would make.

In this sense, boner is not a sexual reference, but more of a reference to someone who is a "doofus" or a "bonehead"
Did you hear that Landon spilled the beans about the surprse party that Sam was setting up for Jenny?
Yeah, TBM

So, I heard David was cheating on his homework, and he accidentally emailed the professor to ask for a paper to copy off of
That was such a TBM by David
by KevosaurusRex May 29, 2013
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Total Bitch Move: An action that results in screwing over the TBMee in some direct way. Most oftenly done on purpose, or done without thinking of the repurcussions for the TBMee. Can be performed by a male or female.
John: Hey dude remember that shirt I let you borrow? I need it back pronto, I have to hit the gym up.
Gord: Sorry dude, I just beat off for like a solid forty minutes and needed it to wipe 'er off.
John: vomits. dude...TBM...
by Steve Running April 04, 2008
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"text bad medium". Used in a text conversation when you do not want to further answer with a text in writing that can easily be forwarded.
Dude 1: "So tell me about that girl you really like"
Dude 2: "tbm dude, tbm.'
by terminator7 November 26, 2010
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total bro move; stemming from "tfm", meaning total frat move, but adjusted to the newly trending term of bro.
He just iced me in the middle of campus: tbm.
by Sbuxgatorbiotch December 05, 2010
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